Perpetual inventory made easy: with digital inventory management for your business

Let us show you how to implement continuous inventory management in your business in just a few steps.
Say goodbye to manual lists - digital inventory management makes your inventory effective, time-saving and convenient.


More than 450 global companies trust in seventhings

What is a perpetual inventory?

An inventory is an annual process where companies record exactly what they own, where it is located and what condition it is in.

Carrying out this inventory manually using lists and Excel sheets is not only tedious and time-consuming, but also expensive. This is due to the fact that completing the annual inventory manually requires a lot of human resources.

This challenge can be solved with a digital inventory tool
Managing your perpetual inventory digitally is a smart way of taking and tracking inventory throughout the year. With continuous inventory, the company keeps track of all assets throughout the year and saves up to 70% in costs and 80% in time compared to manual inventory.


Typical questions about perpetual inventory

We answer them for you.
With the Inventory Manager, you manage all inventory data centrally in one system, giving you a complete picture of the current asset status.

assets company
What assets does the company own?
Where are the company's assets located?
Which employee uses which assets?
condition of an asset
In what condition are the assets?

How do I start the permanent inventory in my company?

With seventhings you are ready to go in 3 steps. 
Start the perpetual inventory with the Inventory Manager and keep track of your company's inventories at all times.

Inventaretikett am Gegenstand anbringen
 Step 1 

Attach an inventory label to the item

Use our Inventory Labels to mark all your company's assets at the beginning. This allows you to record and store all relevant inventory information to the digital twin in the Inventory Manager.

Our inventory labels are already used in over 450 companies and have been proven in a wide range of industries.

Depending on the inventory and application, we offer our customers a variety of durable label types and additional options to personalise them with their own logo and more.
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 Step 2 

Capture items with the seventhings app or scanners in the software

Scan your assets with the seventhings inventory app or industrial scanners:

Our handy inventory app for Android and iOS allows you to scan inventory labels with your smartphone camera. Process the captured information directly in our inventory software - conveniently in the office, at home or on the go. This makes it easy and time saving to record all your assets.

For large-scale inventories, we offer dedicated industrial scanners for fast, accurate capture. Simply point the scanner at the inventory label and the data is synchronised. With our RFID technology, you can even scan entire rooms in seconds, significantly speeding up the inventory process.

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Gegenstand mit der Inventar App einscannen
Mitarbeiterin nutzt Inventar Manager am Laptop
 Step 3 

Benefit from permanent inventory with the digital Inventory Manager

Keep an eye on your inventory all year round with the Inventory Manager. Manage all information centrally and create a cross-departmental overview. 

The digital inventory list makes continuous inventory a snap. Make changes directly to the asset record and benefit from a single source of information. The location view keeps track of rooms, company sites, home offices and cost centres. 

Our digital system gives you a better understanding of inventory data, which helps you plan new acquisitions and make informed purchasing decisions. In addition, perpetual inventory helps you meet regulatory requirements and simplifies the annual report.

Start your perpetual inventory now for free with our digital Inventory Manager.

Benefits of the perpetual inventory with seventhings

Say goodbye to taking inventory with Excel sheets.

Manage your companies' assets and all important informations in the Asset Manager. By using our software solution, you know which items you have, where they are and who is using them in this exact moment.

24-7 Inventarisierung-1

Perpetual inventory

Manage all your assets continuously at any time and any place.


Real-time dashboard

Manage all inventories in the software and enable a cross-departmental overview with the dashboard.


80% time saving

Permanent inventory saves time. Inventory data is recorded continuously and the workload of manual inventory is eliminated.


70% cost saving

By minimising the workload, personnel costs and the budget for new acquisitions are used more efficiently.

Inventur App

Mobile inventory app

Manage items with the seventhings inventory app by scanning the asset label with the camera of your smartphone.

Individuell konfigurierbar

Individual fields

Create your own fields and optimally adapt the Inventory Manager to existing processes.

Silhouette einer Person

Assign inventories

Assign inventories to employees and create tasks, reminders and workflows.

Inventar Tracking

Room and location overview

Keep an eye on not only company locations and rooms, but also home offices and cost centres with the location view.

24-7 Inventur

Gain full insight

Manage all inventory data in one central tool and get full transparency on the current status.

More than 450 successful companies

Many companies from different industries already took the step to perpetual inventory.

„seventhings offers us exactly the inventory options that we need. This makes inventory work a lot easier for us, but also for our tax office.“

Hagen Kordon
Corporate Financial Controller

The topic of IT security and data protection is very important to us and has already caused a number of projects to falter. But not at seventhings, where everything is super secure and safe!

Marcus Schmidt
Manager Operations
Hengeler Mueller

This is how asset accounting makes fun! Cool software and very good service.

Stefan Lehnisch
Group Chief Financial Officer
Assecor GmbH

Inventory E-Book

This guide provides you with the most important facts about digital inventory management. Get more efficient with modern inventory accounting and achieve the perpetual inventory.

  • What is the difference between taking inventory and inventories?

  • Why is inventory management important for companies?

  • How are global companies using digital inventory management to boost their accounting?
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