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The easiest way to bring your assets back into circular economy. Sell, donate and refurbish your items in just two clicks.

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With the Circularity Hub a company with 1.000 employees saves an average of


56.000€ per year

that are normally incurred in costs via the linear economy.


65.000kg CO₂ per year

that arise from the purchase and associated use of resources in the production of new products.


5120 trees per year

that would have to be planted as compensation.

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The Pre-Loved Shop allows you to sell pre-loved equipment to your employees or other companies in just a few clicks.

The market price of the items is calculated automatically which saves long research processes.



Sharing your inventories internally with other departments and donating to employees, schools and charities has never been easier.

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Some inventories can no longer be used. With refurbishment, they can still be returned to the cycle. 

Pass on old furniture and IT to refurbishers and receive
CO2 certificates and a certified data erasure.

Easy to use thanks to established partners

Jan Froneberg Product Owner Circularity Hub
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What users think about the Circularity Hub

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seventhings transforms our asset management into the more intuitive and sustainable way with a direct connection to the circular economy.
Hagen Kordon
Architrave GmbH
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The Circularity Hub makes it easy for us to pass on our items in a sustainable way. Exactly the solution we were looking for.
Marie Schwandrau
Natsana GmbH

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G2 Badges : seventhings earned new awards for High Performer in autumn 2023.