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Digital asset management for schools and public authorities

The seventhings Asset Manager ebables schools, authorities, offices and other public institutions to easily manage their furniture, it equipment and other items digitally.

Asset Manager for public authorities, schools and administration offices
Digital inventory management for authorities and agencies

Public authorities

Public sector organisations can use our Asset Manager to record, manage and document their assets in accordance with legal requirements. Location tracking, digital signatures and advanced scanners ensure simple processes.


Digital inventory for schools


Whether tables, chairs or tablets - with seventhings, schools manage their entire inventory clearly and digitally in one place. This reduces administrative effort and prevents equipment loss.

Digital inventory management for general administration

General administration

Public institutions record, manage and document their inventory with our Inventory Manager in accordance with legal requirements. Location tracking, digital signing and modern scanners ensure simple processes.

Numerous authorities, schools and cities use seventhings

Berlin Metropolitan School
Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Asset list

All items in the asset list

With the asset list, you have an overview of your facility's entire items - in real time and across different locations right down to the classroom. You can view every single resource in the list and add relevant information.

Asset Details
Asset Scan via the seventhings app

Labels and scanners

Increasing efficiency through automation

Features such as barcode scanners, location tracking and digital signing reduce your administrative workload. You can record assets quickly and accurately without additional hardware. This minimises equipment loss and makes administration much easier.


Connect existing tools

Our Asset Manager integrates seamlessly with your system environment. It can be connected to all major ERP systems, accounting software and tools - such as Diamant, HIS, DATEV and the Microsoft suite.
Integrations from seventhings

Take your asset management to a new level

This is how seventhings minimises your administrative effort. Compliant and efficient.


saving of time


cost savings



Reliable asset tracking for schools and cities

 Efficient asset management

All information is stored and retrieved in one platform to give you a quick and easy overview.

Keep track of your assets

Our software minimises the risk of asset loss and improves the accuracy of your asset tracking.

Minimise administrative burden

Our digital solution simplifies processes, saves time and reduces manual entry and errors. 

Coordinate maintenance easily 

Maintenance schedules can be automatically scheduled and monitored to ensure smooth operations.

Organise different locations and rooms with seventhings

Asset platform

Our service at a glance

seventhings Endgeräte die genutzt werden können. Für die Webanwendung der PC und die Apps für Tablets sowie Handys.

Web App for your desktop

mobile inventory app for iOS & Android Smartphones

unlimited number of users

circular inventory management

20+ interfaces (API) for your existing tools 

hosting in Germany & 100% GDPR-compliant

Accessories such as customised labels, label dispensers, RFID scanners and much more.

Personal customer support from our seventhings team

Our pricing

For schools, cities and organisations that want to manage their assets digitally and efficiently.



  • unlimited users

  • Smartphone App

  • Individual fields

  • Labels included

  • Knowledge Base



  • Everything in Advanced +

  • Role Management

  • Workflow Management

  • Custom API and interfaces

  • Single-Sign-On



  • Everything in Premium +

  • Multiclient Option

  • SAP Interface + Configuration

  • Full Support Included

Customers who benefit from using our asset tracking software

Over 450 companies worldwide already rely on our solution. Including schools, cities and public authorities. They have efficiently digitalised their asset management with seventhings.

Berlin Metropolitan School and seventhings

Digital asset tracking in 7 days – Berlin Metropolitan School

The Berlin Metropolitan School, a leading international school in Berlin, successfully implemented the asset management software from seventhings. Within just seven days, over 7000 fixed assets were recorded and managed.

Universität Bern and seventhings

Simple asset tracking - University of Bern and seventhings

Faced with the challenge of maintaining a detailed overview of all its assets, the University of Bern, with the help of our team, catalogued all its assets and digitally assigned relevant information to each one in the Asset Manager. 


Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Find out more about our solution here - and how it helps public administration with digital asset management.

Why seventhings?

Our software solution offers a 360° overview of all items, via the browser and simply via the app

This means you always know which items you have, who is currently using them at which location and what condition they are in. 

For schools, we also offer an all-round carefree package for digitalised asset management. Many school authorities already rely on this - from primary schools to universities.

Why should public administrations use digital asset management?

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented schools with enormous challenges and increased the importance of digital solutions for educational institutions and public authorities.

Initiatives such as the DigitalPakt Schule, which aims to provide schools with better equipment, make digital administration urgently necessary. 

Schools and offices need efficient tools to manage new IT resources such as laptops, tablets and projectors. Asset Management software ensures more efficient processes, minimises administrative work and ensures that all devices are available quickly and reliably.

What kind of assets can I manage with seventhings?

seventhings has a flexible structure and can be customised to meet the needs of companies, for example by adding your own fields and categories. 

In principle, you can use it to manage all types of items and fixed assets - i.e. furniture such as tables and chairs, IT equipment, machines, tools or other objects.

Is my data safe with seventhings?

seventhings is 100% made in Germany and data protection is our top priority. 
Our solution is correspondingly DSGVO and GDPR compliant. 

All data is encrypted via SSL during communication between client and server.

What do I need to use seventhings?

seventhings is a cloud solution and designed as ‘software as a service’. 

This means very little implementation effort for you. You don't need any special software or hardware to get started with the software. This means no additional work for your IT. 

We take care of updates, new functions and the IT infrastructure for the software. 

Our platform is known from

Many companies trust our cloud solution


companies worldwide


different industries


active users

16 million


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