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We'll take you into the world of digital inventory management and
show you what other exciting topics there are around the mere management of your items.

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Free white papers to download:

circular economy guide

Minimise carbon footprint with inventory management

The ESG guidelines for 2023 are on their way and pose major challenges for many companies. 
In the guide, we show you as a finance leader the concrete start to the circular economy. 

  • Sustainable inventory management as a lever for finance success
  • Concrete recommendations for action to act in an ESG-compliant way already now
  • 5-step process plan for your path to the circular economy
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Benefits of digital inventory guide

Advantages of digital inventory management

Afterwards you will know how modern inventory management:

  • helps companies gain an overview of their inventory
  • saves up to 85% in costs instead of creating them
  • makes working with lists & co. superfluous
    organises data centrally and makes it usable across departments
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Exclusive ebooks by seventhings:

Circularity Hub

Start the circular economy with our feature "Circularity Hub"

Read the white paper to learn how we enable businesses to manage inventory sustainably. 

  • Sell unused inventory to employees via the Inventory Manager
  • Return defective or old inventory to the circular economy
  • Donate unused inventory to charitable organisations
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Inventory E-Book from seventhings

The most important facts about inventory management

This guide helps you to manage inventory efficiently, sustainably & digitally - the small 1x1 so to speak. Create added value through efficient state-of-the-art inventory management. 

  • What is the difference between inventory and stocktaking?
  • Why is inventory important?
  • Is it worth investing in inventory software
  • What does the digital inventory management process look like in other companies?
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inventory labels and scanners-1

Inventory labels & scanners at a glance

Find out in the white paper which labels and scanners are relevant for you in order to start the inventory process optimally prepared.

  • Why do I need labels & scanners?
  • How do I use labels for my inventory?
  • What types of inventory labels are there? 
  • Which labels can I use with software?
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