Managing inventory efficiently with an asset management app

Get an overview of all your company's inventory assets with the downloadable smartphone app for Android and iOS, accelerate asset accounting processes and manage all inventory data across devices and offline.

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With seventhings to circular fixed asset tracking

We help companies to eliminate the high effort of manual inventory of furniture, IT equipment, tools and machines. Our software solution provides an easy overview of all items in the company by digitising and automating inventory management. The inventory app makes it easy to capture items on mobile devices and adjust data and information in real time.

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Scan, manage and save time

The seventhings inventory app for your assets. Get an overview of your inventory, anytime and from any place. 
Asset Scan via Smartphone and App

Manage your assets via smartphone

No matter how many assets you want to manage, with our app and customizable labels, it's a snap. But you can also scan your inventory completely offline, anytime and anywhere. Ideal for employees working in a home office or remotely.

Individual Dashboard

Save time & increase efficiency

With a fully digitalised inventory management, you gain significantly more time and optimise your asset accounting. We bring clarity to the existing complexity and eliminate the manual effort and time-consuming work with Excel lists.


All functions in one simple app

Scan the inventory label with our seventhings app and your smartphone camera and get all the info you need. Manage your inventory, assign items to a location or employee, report damage, create reminders, or quickly view information.

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The highlights of our intuitive inventory app

With seventhings, you have an efficient asset management application at your disposal. A wide range of sophisticated features allows you to easily digitize your inventory.


Circular Asset Management

Sell inventories to employees, donate unused items or pass on defective inventories to refurbishers. With our Circularity Hub, we enable companies to implement the principles of the circular economy.


Capture inventory with smartphone camera

With our seventhings app you can easily add new inventories and manage existing assets. Simply use the camera on your smartphone.


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Offline usable

All data in the app is updated automatically in the background with the seventhings software. Either permanently, as soon as there is a network connection. But also completely offline you can scan your inventory anytime and anywhere.
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Asset Management App for Android and iOS. Our app can be installed on all devices. Maximum flexibility through a digital ecosystem and cloud functionality.

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To the Android app

Workflow Management

Create automatic reminders, use filters for individual views or assign inventories directly to employees. With customised workflows, inventory management is easier than ever.


Localisation Feature

Use our room labels to get an overview of buildings, entire locations and cost centres and assign inventories directly.


Interfaces & APIs

Connect existing software in the company via using API. Connect tools such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft, Excel and many more to the Asset Manager.


Personal Onboarding Process

Our Customer Success Team will be on hand for 6 weeks to advise you on the best inventory process.


Extended Support

Your Customer Success Manager is available for questions and helpful advices. Together you can optimally adapt the Asset Manager to your processes.

Excellent ratings on all platforms

Optimal application in various industries

Our inventory software can be used in a wide range of industries and adapts to the processes of your company.





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What our customers say about us

Perfect inventory software! From the start, we were thrilled with the software. We can customise the software in detail to our needs, from freely definable fields to reports.

Adam FleischmannIT Manager





We introduced seventhings 1.5 years ago and are very satisfied with the user-friendliness. Managing our inventory is much easier and time-saving with seventhings than before – finally we have an accurate overview!

Susan Hübner, Assistant to the management





A super inventory software!
With seventhings we have the possibility to record and manage our complete inventory at the different locations. This means that not only our asset accounting can be integrated, but also our IT.

Kathleen Zschätzsch, General Administration 





seventhings offers us exactly the inventory options we need. This makes our work easier in many respects, but also for our tax office.

Hagen KordonFinancial Controller





Instead of many confusing lists, we carried out the asset inventory this year using smartphones, tablets and the seventhings app. This was not only easier and faster, but also less error-prone. In addition, we had an overview of the processing status at all times and could manage our resources efficiently.

Maximilian, Commercial Manager



The colleagues I have worked with so far do a really good job. As a customer, you feel in good hands here and have the feeling that you are not just a number. The software is well structured and meets our needs exactly.

Rudolf Gatzenmeyer, IT Manager





seventhings manages to integrate the App as an integral part of the whole Inventory process.

Konstantin Eckerl, IT Project Manager





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