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Smart asset management in healthcare

Less searching, more focus on patients. With seventhings, hospitals, medical practices, pharmaceutical companies and global organisations can easily manage medical and technical equipment digitally. The entire lifecycle, including maintenance and recycling, is managed centrally and across all locations. So you can spend more time on what really matters: patients. 
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Asset manager for Hospitals and organisations

Numerous healthcare organisations use seventhings

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Asset list

All items in your asset list

With the asset list, you have an overview of all devices - in real time and across different rooms and locations. You can view each individual asset and add relevant information.

Object details for your assets
Scan your assets with the seventhings app

Labels and scanners

Save time with labels and scanners

With asset labels, advanced scanners and the seventhings app, you can record items quickly and accurately without losing focus on patient care. This minimises errors and makes administration much easier.


Smart workflows and maintenance management

Use our asset tracking software to create automatic reminders or assign items directly to staff. Customised workflows ensure you never miss a maintenance appointment again.

The smart solution for medical facilities

seventhings saves you valuable time and money. You can inventory, manage and process all the items in your company easily, quickly and digitally. This is how different institutions manage their assets with seventhings: 


Hospitals use seventhings to manage their entire assets in one place - whether medical and technical equipment, aids such as wheelchairs or furniture. This creates full transparency and prevents unnecessary new purchases.

Medical practices

With seventhings, medical practices can easily allocate their medical equipment and practice furniture to different rooms or categories. This simplifies administration and enables more efficient patient care. 

Pharmaceutical companies

With our Asset Manager, pharmaceutical companies can keep track of laboratory equipment at all times. Inventory labels and advanced scanners ensure more efficient processes and compliant documentation.

Global organisations

With seventhings, global organisations know where and in what condition their assets are at all times. The system provides real-time location and status of equipment, emergency vehicles and medical supplies. Regardless of location thanks to our mobile app.

Take your asset management to a new level

This is how seventhings minimises your administrative workload. Compliant and efficient.


More time for patients


Less costs


More effective use

Gain overview

For a digital future in healthcare

Digitally track your assets and manage all medical devices and upcoming maintenance.

Manage data centrally:
All information is stored and retrieved on one platform. Everything is centrally documented and compliant.

Automate maintenance scheduling:

Maintenance schedules can be automatically planned and monitored. This ensures the availability of your equipment.

Minimise administration:

A digital asset solution simplifies processes and reduces manual entry and errors. 

Improve patient safety:
Automated maintenance cycles ensure that all medical devices are working properly. This improves patient safety. 
Manage different locations and rooms

Asset Manager

Our software at a glance

seventhings Endgeräte die genutzt werden können. Für die Webanwendung der PC und die Apps für Tablets sowie Handys.

Web app for your desktop

Mobile asset tracking app for iOS & Android smartphones

Unlimited number of users

Circular asset management

20+ integrations for your existing tools

Hosting in Germany & 100% GDPR-compliant

Equipment such as customised labels, label dispensers, RFID scanners and much more

Individual customer support from the seventhings team

Our prices

For companies and organisations that want to manage medical devices sustainably.

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  • Unlimited users

  • Smartphone app

  • Custom fields

  • Inventory labels included



  • All Advanced features +

  • Manage roles and rights

  • API & Integrations

  • Analytics



  • All Premium features +

  • Multi-client feature

  • SAP integration + configuration

  • Support included

This is how customers benefit from seventhings

More than 450 companies worldwide rely on our solution. Including healthcare organisations. They have taken their asset management to the next level with seventhings.
good healthcare

Asset management for a number of locations: Good Healthcare Group & seventhings

With seventhings, the Good Healthcare Group digitally records and manages its assets across multiple sites. This simplifies the monitoring and maintenance of thousands of assets and optimises the use of resources in the dynamic pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Universität Bern und seventhings

Pathology at the University of Bern integrates digital asset software with seventhings

By implementing the Asset Manager, the patology not only successfully catalogued all their assets, but also improved the efficiency of future asset management, ensuring that resources are readily available in the medical field where time is of the essence.


Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Find out more about our solution here - and how it simplifies asset management in the healthcare sector.

Why use digital asset tracking software in the health care sector?

Medical inventory in the healthcare sector is subject to strict legal regulations that require accurate documentation. This cannot be guaranteed manually. Digital asset management helps to meet these requirements. It also makes processes more efficient and ensures that materials and equipment are available quickly and reliably. This improves patient safety.

Why seventhings?

Our software solution provides 360° visibility of all items via browser and a simple app. This means that you always know what assets you have, who is using them at the moment, where they are and what condition they are in. Our Circularity Hub feature also enables resource-efficient inventory management, paving the way for a circular economy.

What kind of assets can I manage with seventhings?

seventhings has a flexible structure and can be customised to meet the needs of your business, for example by adding your own fields and categories. In principle, you can use it to manage all types of fixed assets - i.e. commodities, emergency vehicles, medical devices and equipment or other items.

Is my data safe with seventhings?

seventhings is 100% made in Germany and data protection is our top priority. Our solution is correspondingly DSGVO and GDPR compliant. All data is encrypted via SSL during communication between client and server.

What do I need to use seventhings?

seventhings is a cloud solution and is designed as "software as a service". This means very little implementation effort for you. You don't need any special software or hardware to start using the software. This means no extra work for your IT department. We take care of updates, new features and the IT infrastructure for the software.

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