Anyone can sustainably manage assets.

We avoid wasting resources and materials by completely digitizing and automizing “every item” for your asset management.


Our Values


Our software manages the life cycle of assets transparently. Also, as a company we act responsibly and consciously about the environment.


We treat each other and the team with respect, openness and honesty. The same applies to our clients and partners.


We have fun doing the things we do and create space for creativity. "Innovation is the only way to win," Steve Jobs.


In "New Work" and "DevOpS" we trust and thus create independent and successful business units.


Not only are we sporty ourselves, but we also work agilely - regardless if it’s Scrum, Lean Management or Kanban.

Our Success


45 Employers

Yes, correctly read: EMPLOYERS. Without a motivated team that enthusiastically tries out new things daily and whose skills we, as seventhings, can use, there can be no successful company. We are proud of our team and what we have achieved so far.


400 Projects

One part is the approach, the other is the application. We grow with each new customer and the different challenges. From small companies with 20 employees up to large corporations, we look after a multitude of contacts and appreciate the open and honest exchange.


15 Partners

It is like in real life. Without a strong partner at your side, success does not exist. Our partner network now consists of a variety of successful companies and we appreciate the open exchange. Our motto is: "If You Want to Win, Help Others Win First".

Office Dog

1 Office Dog

Always there, always in a good mood and always ready for a short walk in our relaxing Office Park. In short: He is our Chief Happiness Officer or otherwise known as the perfect Feelgood Manager. We believe that, "there's just something about dogs that makes you feel good".

Who we are

We have fun doing what we do.

"The goods of the world slip through our fingers like the sand of the dunes", Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Follow us to build a sustainable future.